Advisory Board

Takashi Shoji
Programme Director

Yuming Xu
Vice Secretary General

Fengcai Jia
Principal Researcher
North China Nuclear and Radiation Safety Supervision Station

Fuyuan Zhang
Chief Expert Nuclear Technology Nuclear Power Institute of China

Chunyu Xian
Deputy President
China Nuclear Power Design Company Ltd (Shen Zhen)

Shiquan Zhan
Director Engineering
Technology Lab China Nuclear Power Engineering Co., Ltd


Wei Li
Director,Const ruction Center
State Nuclear Power Engineering Co., Ltd

Managing Director
World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO)

Kim Yu
Vice President, Asia Region for Nuclear Power Plant Sales
GE-Hitachi Nuclear Energy International

Deyi Fang
Director, Energy Market Prospect

Hongju Tang
Deputy GM,Nuclear
Dongfang Electric Corporation

Vice director, the 4th Institute of NPIC
Director ,Non-destructive Testing Center of NPIC

Lintao Deng
VP,Nuclear&Chemical Division
China National Erzhong Group

Armand Laferrere
Senior Vice President, Deputy Chief Commerical Officer

Rick Etling
Vice President,Strategy

Jianwen TANG
Deputy Chief Engineer
Shanghai Electric Nuclear Power Equipment Corp

Qi Li
Vice President, Nuclear, China Power Investment Coporation (CPIC); Vice President,
Liaoning Hongyanhe Nuclear Power Co., Ltd

General Manager
AREVA Dongfang

Conference Pipeline


New Era for China Nuclear Industry

Ensure the NPP Safety—Design, Construction, Maintenance& Operation


Establishing NPP Self-Reliance System

See What Your Peers Said

“Speaker selection is excellent!”

---Takashi Shoji, Programme Director, WANO

“The organizer did a great job during the NNBS 2012. We gained a lot from the communication with nuclear operators and manufactures!”

---Lintao DENG, Vice President, China National Erzhong Group

“NNBS 2012 is an excellent summit with a wide range of participants, eminent speakers and particular conference arrangements. We learned a lot from it and hope the annual meeting goes well in the future.”

---Yingmao TANG, Deputy Director, Peking University Nuclear Policy and Law Center

“NNBS 2012 is a comprehensive event which focused on the latest progress of worldwide nuclear industry. It provides a new and effective platform for communication with nuclear experts. I wish the annual summit a great success.”

---Jianwen TANG, Deputy Chief Engineer, Shanghai Electric Nuclear Power Equipment Co., Ltd.

“The 3rd Annual Nuclear New Build (China) Summit 2012 is a well organized event with all-round arrangements and professional speakers. I deeply feel that the summit is very beneficial to my organization!”

---Liuhua XU, Director, Haiyan China Nuclear Power City

“The summit went well and we learned a lot! ”

---Yuming XU, Vice Secretary General, CNEA

“Congratulations for the conference organization and the level of the presentation”

---Armand LAFERRERE, Senior Vice President, Commercial Development, AREVA Group

2013 Event Overview

  On Oct.25, 2012, the State Council of China finally approved the <<Nuclear Safety Development Plan>> & <<Medium and Long-Term Development Plan>>, officially declaring the restart of NPPs construction in a safer and moderate way. China will stop the approval and construction of all the inland nuclear projects, which leads to the reduction of total nuclear capacity target to 40 GW by the year of 2015 from the previous target of 50 GW. Safety is still the top priority of the NPP development and all the new nuclear plants will be built at the third-generation safety and technology standard.

Based on the previous three years’ great success, the 4th Annual Nuclear New Build (China) Summit 2013 will gather more than 200 industry leaders and government officials, focusing on the new safety regulation, NPP development plan, licensing approval flow, third generation nuclear technology breakthroughs, localization progress and the latest progress of approved nuclear projects. Following the step with China government to expand foreign nuclear market, NNBS 2013 will definitely be a superb platform and golden opportunity to share thoughts and seek collaborations with international nuclear industry leaders.

What Will You Achieve?

  • In-depth Insights into the<< Nuclear Safety Development Plan>>&<<Medium and Long-Term
  • Development Plan>>
  • Analyzing China’s Nuclear Power Future Development Plan
  • Discussion on Nuclear Reactor Technology Route
  • Face to Face Meeting with Authoritative Nuclear Experts and Giants Companies
  • Updates on Equipment Licensing and Certification new standards and Approval Flow
  • Guideline of How to Be AP/CAP NPPs Qualified Suppliers
  • Interpretation of China’s Nuclear Power Self-reliance and Localization Policy
  • A Value-added Platform to Promote Your Company’s International Reputation

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