Is China Ready for the Restart of Nuclear Energy Program?

Nuclear Energy Technology Trends and Key Technology Breakthrough.
  Establishing Nuclear Power Equipment Self-reliance Construction System.

Nuclear Safety Equipment Licensing

NPP Equipment Manufacturing and Supply.
After the Fukushima nuclear accident, the future of nuclear power has become a hot issue of the world. The disaster made people aware of the dangers and limitations of the nuclear development, some countries even shut down their nuclear power plants. With regard to China, however, this accident prompted the roadmap of nuclear development much more targeted, and it throw light upon nuclear safety route.¡¶China¡¯s Nuclear Security Plan¡· and ¡¶Mid &Long-term Plan of China¡¯s Nuclear Industry 2020 ¡· have already been formulated, which means the standard of NPPs approval will be redefined. Meanwhile, with the driving up demand for heating and electricity, more construction of nuclear power plants is becoming indispensable for Chinese energy structure. At present, China¡¯s nuclear projects is about to reboot and it is imperative, which means the space of China¡¯s nuclear industry will be expanded. With the support of many nuclear power giants in and abroad, the 3rd Annual Nuclear New Build (China) Summit will be founded under this exact circumstance. At the scheduled time, plenty of nuclear equipment suppliers, operating corporations, EPC and other noted nuclear power companies will be gathered together to have an in-depth exploration of the future of China¡¯s nuclear power industry. Based on the previous two years¡¯ great success, the 3rd Annual Nuclear New Build (China) Summit is doomed to be the best-in-class event in the promising industry this year.
    Attending Nuclear New Build ( China ) Summit

  • Previewing the upcoming safety regulation and new project approval standards
  • Analyzing China¡¯s Nuclear power future development plan
  • Explanation of Nuclear equipment licensing and nuclear safety in china
  • Face to face meeting with China authoritative nuclear experts
  • Interpretation of China¡¯s nuclear power self-reliance and localization policy
  • Demonstration of the latest nuclear technology breakthrough
  • Most Up-to-date progress reports on major projects in China
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