At the end of 2017, China’s first Demonstration Fast Neutron Reactor project came to its FCD. This June, the world’s first EPR project connected to the grid in Taishan, followed by the world's first AP1000 project reaching the same milestone in Sanmen, Zhejiang Province. At the same time, HPR1000 went well in Fangchenggang and Fuqing. All these progresses ensured a safety ground for China new nuclear projects’ approval and construction, and made a mighty stride for China nuclear “Going Abroad” Strategy. In addition, the implementation of the Nuclear Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China at the beginning of 2018, as well as the issuance of the Guidance on Strengthening Standardization of Nuclear Power by State Council provided legal guarantee for China Nuclear safe and efficient development road.
In international cooperation, with the efforts of China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC), China General Nuclear Corporation (CGN), State Power Investment Corporation (SPIC) and the China Nuclear Engineering& Construction Corporation (CNECC), HPR 1000 and CAP 1400 have exported or will export to Pakistani, Argentina, UK, Turkey, Jordan and other countries. It means that Chinese nuclear export has come to a new stage, accompanied with great opportunities for nuclear equipment suppliers.
Under the theme “Serve Nuclear Industry, Accelerate Integrative Development, Promote Green Economy”, this summit aims at sharing the latest policies and regulations, releasing the latest updates of new nuclear projects, promoting global collaboration in technologies and services, and establishing a professional platform to balance supply and demand. Over 200 representatives and distinguished guests from government and regulators, NPP operators, EPC companies, design institutes, financial services institutions and nuclear equipment suppliers will participate in the event and hold further discussions on a series of hot topics, like nuclear safety regulations, standards, fast reactors, overseas investments, procurement of equipment and materials, etc.
Since its inception in 2010, Nuclear New Build China Summit (NNBCS) has made great contributions for the coordination of China’s nuclear new builds which in a way to break manufacturing barriers of nuclear equipment and to drive forth the indigenization of China’s nuclear equipment.
Having been held nine times, NNBCS series gathered 200 prestigious speakers and 3000 distinguished delegates, bridging 200 business negotiations. NNBCS series aredeveloped along with the four evolutions that China’s nuclear industry has undergone:
Technology shift from the Generation II to the Generation III Transition from “introduction-digestion-absorption” mode of foreign technology to “self-deign” mode
Expansion from domestic market to domestic-and-overseas market Build-up from the Big Nuclear Nation to Strong Nuclear Nation
It’s been regarded as the competitive platform for sharing latest policies and legislations, promotion of international technological cooperation as well as procurement of equipment.
Get the Latest Update of New NPP Projects in the World, Especially China
Face to Face with the New NPP Projects Owners
Get Government Fiscal Supports to Locate in
Participate in Distribution of Cangnan NPP Project
Sign Tripartite Cooperation Framework with Government and NPP Owner
Know Deeply of Investment Opportunities and Challenges in UK Nuclear Industry
December 5th Wednesday
Whole Day Introduction of
“China Green-Power Town”,
Investment Promotion and Visit
  December 6th Thursday Morning
Main Conference Under the New
International Environment, Present
State and Future Prospect of China Nuclear
December 6th Thursday Afternoon
Main Conference Under the
“Belt and Road” Initiate, Progress of
New Projects and Opportunities
for International Collaborations
December 7th Friday Morning
Parallel Session 1
Exploration of UK Nuclear and
China UK Nuclear Business Exchange
  December 7th Friday Morning
Parallel Session 2 Nuclear
Engineering Equipment and
Materials Procurement and
9th “Belt and Road” Nuclear New Build China Summit 2017(NNBCS2017) The 8th Annual Nuclear New Build China Summit 2016(NNBCS2016) The 7th Annual Nuclear New Build China Summit
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Yongping ZOU
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