• Session I
  • Predicting the Trends of China’s Nuclear Power Industry
  • Session II
  • Improve China’s Nuclear Safety Supervision and Management System


  • Session III
  • Following the Pace of NPP Constructions in China 
  • Parallel Session I
  • Nuclear Valves & Pumps
  • Parallel Session II 
  • Nuclear HVAC System





  • Tianlin QIAN
    President CNNC New Energy Co.,Ltd. 

  • Ruilin DONG
    Deputy Chief Engineer Institute for Standardization of Nu

  • Jean-Claude ...
    Nuclear Engineering Procurement Operation Centre director

  • Thomas KOSHY
    Head of Nuclear Power Technology Development Division of

  • Qinghua ZHAN...
    Vice President NP Business Unit CNNC

  • Shouyin HU
    Deputy GM HSNPC

  • Jianshe CHAI
    Deputy Director MEP Nuclear and Radiation Safety Center

  • Jihong FAN
    GM,Dept. of R&D GM,Large Advanced PWR Project. SNPTC

  • Chunyu XIAN
    Deputy President CNPDC

  • Donghui ZHAN...
    Vice General Engineer China Institute of Atomic Energy(CIAE

  • Xin WANG
    GM NI Engineering Department CNPDC

  • Zengqiang ZH...
    Mechanical section 1 chief Purchase Department CNPE

  • Liming RAO
    Deputy Manager Procument Centre Quality Surveillance Dept.

  • Ping HUANG
    Director,Machinery Section NPP Maintenance Dept. CNPO

  • Xu GAO
    Assistant Manager Design Department Chinergy Co.,Ltd.

  • Puning JIANG
    Director Technology Development Dept. Shanghai Turbine W

  • Wei LI
    Director Construction Center State Nuclear Power Enginee

  • Guofeng ZHOU
    Deputy Director Engineering Modification Center China Nu

  • Bing DAI
    Director NPP Maintenance Center CNPO  

  • Fuyuan ZHANG
    Chief Expert, Nuclear Technology NPIC

  • ◇ Updates on China’s Nuclear New Build Projects
  • ◇ Predict and Analyze the Trends of Nuclear Technology Route in China
  • ◇ Analyze the Influence of the 3rd Gen Nuclear Technology on the Nuclear Equipment Suppliers
  • ◇ Updates on the Latest Localization Progress of 3rd Gen Nuclear Equipments
  • ◇ Updated on Nuclear Safety Equipment Supervision System
  • ◇Grasp the Tendency of China’s Nuclear Standards and Regulations


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