Developing nuclear power as part of the nation's long-term energy strategy has been incorporated into major national projects, the digital transformation has played an important role in order to improve the safety of NPP operation and reduce the cost of NPP design,construction, operation and maintenance.With 40 speakers and over 250 senior executives expected to attend, NITF2019 will target boosting the smart and digital transformation of the nuclear power industry through the showcase of the latest information technologies and solutions, sharing the best industry practices. It is the best opportunity to network and to learn the IT solutions from leading figures from China, U.S., France, Germany and South Korea in the fields of digital design& engineering, operation & maintenance, data protection as well as cyber security.
9:00-12:30 Plenary Conference Demonstration of the Latest Nuclear Power Information Technology Application in Nuclear Power Industry
14:00-17:30 Parallel Track1 The Mining, Management, Analysis and Application of Big Data and the application of Cloud
14:00-17:30 Parallel Track2 Information Security in Nuclear Power Industry
14:00-17:30 Parallel Track3 Application of Wireless Communication Technology in Nuclear Power Industry
9:00-15:00 Parallel Track1 Digital Design and Intelligent Engineering in Nuclear Power Industry
9:00-15:00 Parallel Track2 Information Technology Development in Nuclear Power Plant Operation & Maintenance
Jize WU
Deputy Chief Engineer Chief Information Officer CNNP Nuclear Power Operations Management Co., Ltd.
QIAN Tianlin
Director /Science and Information Technology Department CNNC
Lailong ZOU
Deputy Director Information Center China General Nuclear Power Group
Xiaofeng WANG
Director Nuclear and radiation safety center of MEP
Director, NEPIK (Division of Pianning,Information and Knowledge Management)
Dr.Dovrica SAVIC
Head, Nuclear Information Section IAEA
Chief Engineer Office
Information Office
Information & Technology Center
Software Center
Simulation Center
Maintenance Center
Equipment Purchase Center
Technology and Information Department
Wireless Information Department
Business Planning Department
Technique Management Center
Intelligent Engineering Department
Information Security Department
Project Management Department
Design Management Department
Power Project Department
Information and Document Department
Equipment Management Section
DCS Section
Telecommunication Section
Maintenance Section
Software Section
Electric Section
Data Section
Internet Section
Data department
Network department
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