Up to now, there are 39 NPP units under operation, 19 NPP units under construction,and 39 NPP units in planning. Thus, there are 143 NPP units expected to be operated in China. The growth of number of nuclear operators, equipment suppliers and maintenance service providers are stepping into the operation and maintenance market. By statistics, the market size of O&M market will be 4-5 times than the new build marketing in China. Furthermore, Chinese market will be the hot shot for the global entrepreneurs.
As the only communication platform focusing on O&M in Asia, International Nuclear Power Operation and Maintenance Conference (INPOM) is held together with experts from both domestic and overseas nuclear power operation and maintenance fields to discuss the progress and trend of the operation and maintenance. The conference would focus on such topics as operation experience, cost reduction and efficiency enhancement, power station upgrading and new technology, as well as including with valves MRO, cool source MRO, in-service inspection, turbine MRO, electrical equipment MRO, industrial safety, diesel generator set MRO, smart nuclear power and spare parts parallel sessions. At the sametime, there will be advanced products exhibition and technology release to help achieve the purpose of docking supply and demand.
About 210 experts were participated the conference previously, and shared about 210 speeches, which from 20 countries including China, America, The United Kingdom, Canada and Korea and so on.
Previous sessions
Introduction of the meeting
Conference Highlight
First Operation and Maintenance Achievement Exhibition    
    20+ Countries, 500+ Delegates
1 Main Conference,9 Parallel Sessions    
    150+ Companies ,500+ One on One Meetings
60+ Distinguished Speakers Home & Broad    
    Exclusive site tour to nuclear O&M laboratory
Nuclear Power User Side Business
National Nuclear Security Administration
Nuclear And Radiation Safety Regulation
Shanghai Nuclear Power Office
Spanish National Nuclear Safety Commission
British Nuclear Regulatory Office
British Environment Agency
Company Group
China National Nuclear Corporation
China General Nuclear Power Corporation (CGN)
China Huaneng Group Co., Ltd.
State Power Investment Group Co., Ltd.
Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power (KHNP)
Korea Electric Power Company(KEPCO)
Kuangchi Program Service(KPS)
Japan Kansai Electric Power
Tokyo Electric Power Company(Tepco)
Societatea Nationala Nuclearelectrica (SNN), Romania
Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation
Teollisuuden Voima Oyj (TVO)
Service Provider
Canadian Power Utility Services Limited(CPUS)
Stern Laboratories Inc.
Weir Group
RCM Technologies
Rolls Royce Civil Nuclear
China Nuclear Industry Maintenance Co., Ltd.
Chengdu Haiguang Nuclear Power Technology Service Co., Ltd.
CLP Power Engineering Co., Ltd.
China Guangdong Nuclear Power Operation Co., Ltd.
Nuclear Shenzhen Kelly Group Co., Ltd.
Huainan Power Maintenance Company
China Nuclear Engineering Group Guangdong Power Topkey Power Technical Development Co., Ltd.
Shandong Nuclear Environmental Protection Company
Toshiba Corporation Power Systems Company
Exhibition Categories
Nuclear Island Reactors And Their Cooling System, Core Fuel, Nuclear Fuel Assemblies, Stabilizer, Reactor...
Conventional Island Turbine Generator, Turbine, Generator, Transformer, Condenser, Soda Water Reheater, Blade...
Operation And Maintenance Facilities Lifting Equipment, Inspection Equipment, Equipment Maintenance Robot, Nuclear Accident ...
Information Tools Progress Management, Engineering Document Management, 3D Document Management, 3D Simulation...
Nuclear Power Protection Radiation Protection Equipment, Nuclear Safety Equipment, Personal Protective Equipment...
Nuclear Power Monitoring Nuclear Industry Detection Equipment, Nuclear Pollution Detection Equipment, Nuclear...
Nuclear Welding System Products And Equipment Base Metal, Automatic Cutting Equipment, Automatic Beveling, Welding Materials, Welding...
Nuclear Power Chemical Nuclear Paint, Nuclear Power Water, Nuclear Chemical Building Materials, Nuclear Power ...
Non-Destructive Testing Non-Destructive Testing, Industrial Endoscopy, Ultrasonic Testing, In-Service Inspection...
Special Equipment Nuclear Industry Bolt Fastening System, Bolt Stretching Machine, Lifting Equipment...
Nuclear Reactor Robot Reactor Refueling Robot, Reactor Overall Bolt Tensioner, Reactor Pressure Vessel Non-Destructive...
Tools Anti-Foreign Objects, Overhaul Tools, Electric Tools, Torque Wrenches, Special Tools (Pneumatic...
Smart Class 3D Printing, MR, VR, AI, Robotics, Access Control, Personnel Locating, RFID, Virtual Trainin...
Others spare parts, automatic storage, bulk materials, grounding accessories, connectors, transmission...
Smart Manufacturing Series Square a) Digital, networked and intelligent manufacturing systems and solutions (CNC devices and units, digital workshops, smart plant equipment and systems)
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