Nowadays, the SMR is gaining more popularity worldwide and CNNC & CGNPC as the leading entrepreneur in China building global partnerships with many countries while other institutes and organizations for the preliminary framework of SMR. The 3rd International Small Modular Reactor Development Forum 2017 (ISMRF2017) will be held in Shanghai, China on October. 19-20, 2017. The forum is held by INNCH and supported by SINAP and CGN.

Nuclear power is one of the main industries listed in China’s “13th Five-year Plan”. Advanced small modular reactor (SMR) technology, with its characteristics of high-security, integration and modularization, becomes part of strategic planning of global NPP enterprises. Besides generating electricity, it can also used for co-generation, hydrogen production, and seawater desalination. Currently, Shandong Shidao Bay high temperature gas cooled reactor demonstration project is under construction, and CEFR project is operating stably. China government created a clear blue map for SMR technology development, which includes fast reactor, small PWR, TSMR and HTGR. SMR plays an essential role in global nuclear power application with a brilliant future.

The purpose of ISMRF2017 is to release the latest update of technology collaboration, accelerate the diversified development of nuclear power, and stimulate business partnership. Over 180 representatives from government regulators, research institutes, EPC companies, NPP operators, and qualified vendors will participate in the event and hold further discussions on a series of hot topics, like regulations, design standards, site selection, licensing, equipment and material requirement, new project progress and application prospect, etc.

Conference Highlight
01.The Only Asia SMR Forum
02.The Latest Chinese SMR Development Status   03.1 Main Conference and 1 Parallel Discussion
04.The Information of the First SMR ‘Permit’   05.CNNC and CGN’s Key Equipment Research and Development
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Confirmed Speakers
杨红霞 李刚 杨振锦 周兴泰 赵柱民 张乃樑 王志奇 薛娜 许怀锦 郝文涛 肖鑫 吴国东 廖亮 姜夏岚 黄超 侯华青 陈建平 蔡翔舟 Robert K. (Bob) HAN OK KANG Francois Morin Ed Pheil 邹杨 路广遥 李祥宁 胡明 陈大明 芮旻
Forum Structure
October 19th AM
Main Conference
SMR Latest Status, Standards and Application
October 19th PM
Main Conference
SMR Discussion on Cutting-edge
Technology and Development
October 20th AM
Parallel Session1
The Marine Nuclear Power
Platform Model Project
October 20th AM
Parallel Session2
China General Nuclear Power
Corporation(CGNPC) and the Development of
Key Equipment Research and Development
October 20th PM
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Chinese Academy of Sciences
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Kristiina Soderholm Kristine Madden 邹杨 崔绍章 陈智 陈华
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